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AI Deepfake Putin Film Takes Cannes by Storm

Recently, at the Cannes Film Festival, a film titled “Putin” has taken centre stage. The film, directed by Polish filmmaker Patryk Vega, employs AI to create a deepfake of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This approach has garnered significant attention and has already been sold in 50 countries ahead of its highly anticipated premiere in September. Let’s dive into the details!

The Inspiration Behind the Putin Film

Patryk Vega revealed that the initial idea for “Putin” came to him during Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Originally planning to create a film about the Russian mafia, Vega decided to shift his focus to the enigmatic figure of Vladimir Putin. His goal was to explore the life of one of the world’s most influential leaders and shed light on the power dynamics within Russian politics. The film promises to provide a unique perspective on Putin’s life and legacy.

The Idea Behind Casting AI Deepfake of Putin

When it became clear that Putin himself would not be available to star in his own biopic, director Patryk Vega had to think outside the box. He turned to AI technology to generate a deepfake of Putin’s face. This casting choice allowed the film to come as close as possible to capturing the essence of the dictator himself.

How Director Achieved Realism With AI Deepfake of Putin

AI deepfake model Vega used for the film is trained on thousands of high-resolution images of Putin to generate detailed facial expressions and movements. While a full-body Deepfake was not possible due to a lack of training data, the AI-generated face was combined with live-action footage of an actor playing Putin. The results were extraordinarily life-like and convincing.

The Global Success of AI Deepfake Putin Film

Despite the controversy surrounding the film and its unconventional casting method, “Putin” has already achieved remarkable success in the international market. Even before premiers, the film has already sold distribution rights in over 50 countries worldwide. This signals the global appeal and interest in this unique project. Audiences around the world are eagerly anticipating its premiere in September. The film will witness the life of Putin unfold over six decades, from his troubled childhood to his rise to power.

The Use of AI in Film Industry

AI technology has already made significant strides in the film industry, with studios utilizing it for various purposes, such as de-ageing actors and improving visual effects. YouTube has been using AI for a decade to automate subtitles and protect content from copyright infringement. 

The AI deepfake Putin film serves as an example of how filmmakers can use AI for realistic artistic expression. Patryk Vega sees the potential in sharing his AI technology with other filmmakers, allowing them to enhance their projects by adding crowds, actors, and various elements. 

Concerns Surrounding the Use of AI in Filmmaking

The use of AI technology in filmmaking raises important concerns and implications for the industry. Hollywood has already experienced a wave of job losses due to AI, particularly among special effects technicians and extras. It also raises questions about the ethical implications of manipulating reality through technology. However, the responsible use of AI can help address the fears and challenges associated with its impact on filmmaking. 

Concluding Thoughts

The AI deepfake Putin film “Putin” has made waves at the Cannes Film Festival.  This project challenges traditional casting methods and pushes the boundaries of realism through the use of AI technology. Overall, the use of AI in filmmaking will likely blur the lines between real and imaginative like never before.

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