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DragGAN: The New AI-Powered Image Editing Tool

Do you want to Modify your Images within a few seconds? Hence, you have not found the perfect solution. Here’s a Good News; Max Planck is going to launch an AI Powered Image Editing Tool; DragGAN.

DragGAN will help you to chase your Image Targets within a few Drags and Clicks. Plus, you won’t need to be proficient in Editing Skills anymore. However, a tutorial or a Guide will be enough to kick-start your journey on this Platform.

Also, as per one of the recent “Research“, DragGAN will allow users to completely redesign and reshape pictures with AI. The AI is used to make your Edits seem incredibly realistic without any pixel drop or fakeness in the particular stuff.

In the following Blog Post, we’ll give you a deep Overview of DragGAN AI and how it can assist you in making your life so easy!

What is DragGAN AI?

DragGAN is a mindblowing New AI Model that can create realistic content yet logical changes to your Images. Whereas the Primary Components of DragGAN are;


Well, this Model is based on a Generative Adversarial Network, which helps it to understand the structure of Pictures after an in-depth analysis.

Plus, it’s not like the casual Editing tool that you might have used previously. Instead, it will bring more revolutionary results that will instantly amaze you. Such as shown in the Image above, you can see how the Car Model has become more Sleek, Advanced with such Beautiful Touchups.

The below picture is the edited one, yet it’s so fine to recognize if it’s Original or Edited, right. Moreover, it won’t distort or spoil your Images. Hence it will understand your requirement and will bring final results that will be exactly like your Intention.

How does DragGAN Work?

Once you upload a picture, DragGAN (unofficial) official code will be released in june will create a 3 Dimensional Model of your uploaded media. And will edit according to your requirements, yet it can;

  • Modify Positions
  • Change Shape
  • Adjust the Arrangement of any Elements
  • Can Enhance Emotions

It won’t leave any impact on the quality of the Image because it will extract features and minor details with the help of CNN. And CNN is also used again after extracting to alter the picture.

Apart from this, Convolutional Neural Network is specifically trained on a dataset of Images. That helps it to learn and upgrade 3D Models. This is why CNN is applied in DragGAN as well.

Steps to Use DragGAN

Now, the question arises, how can a user use DragGAN? Well if you have already worked on several Image Editor Tools such as Photoshop, etc. Then DragGAN will be highly convenient for you to switch on.

And if you are a beginner, then you might take some time to learn its features, buttons, and much more. However, here are the quick steps to use DragGAN AI;

  •       Firstly, Go to the official website of DragGAN (it will launch soon)
  •       Click on the Upload Button, and transmit the Image you want to make changes in
  •       Now, do Click and Drag to the Spot that you want to Alter
  •        Once you release the Drag Button, it will upgrade the Image. Either it’s a change in Smile, Eyes, or the length of any piece of Cloths
  •        If you have not received your desired results, then you can continue doing this method of Drag and Release to make it adjust as per your need
  •      After Editing, Save the Image to anywhere on your Device

These are the crucial yet basic steps. We’ll explore more once this AI Model will be released.

Features and Capabilities of DragGAN

So, it’s clear how much Potential DragGan carries, and users can use it in multiple ways. Yet, the product is under-development, but we will soon get our hands on it. Here are some of its Features and Capabilities we learned from the officials. Let’s have a look at these!

1. Seamless 3D Model Integration

This AI Model has maximized the capabilities by creating a 3D Model of your uploaded media. It helps to enhance the Image’s Size, Layout, and Shape easily. Moreover, it continues to maintain a realistic and logical appearance.

2. Easily Operated Interface

The best part is DragGAN is convenient for both experienced and beginner level Editors. The entire editing process is pretty easy; there is nothing complicated that can puzzle you up or will require hours of yours to Edit. This simplicity led it to be known as a User-friendly Interface.

3. Capability to Revolutionize the Editing Process

So, DragGAN allows Point-Based Editing, which literally takes a few seconds to entirely alter the Image concept. It also stretches the Frontires and provides Artistic Expression to make results a perfect outcome.

Point-based Editing

4. Change the Shape, Background and Remove Objects

You cannot only resize the picture but can also change the shape or resize the Objects/Elements inside the Image. You can easily;

  • Shrunk
  • Stretch
  • Change the Effect
  • Provide Aesthetics to the Image

Similarly, DragGAN allows you to remove any object with a single click. However, it can be;

  • Birds
  • Inappropriate Objects
  • Person

Or anything that is spoiling the beauty of your Image.  And along with it, you can also remove the background and change it to any other location or area. But the exciting part is that the proficiency of DragGAN is beyond our Imagination. That it won’t even feel for a second that there are changes made in the Image because it keeps it logical even with multiple backgrounds.

5. Upgrade Person/Animal Pose

Moreover, it allows us to Alter the Poses of Animals and Humans. You are allowed to enhance the Angles and Placements; even the change in features of the Human face is also possible.

Change in Pose

6. Generate a New Image

Lastly, the most crucial feature is that you can Generate a New Image with DragGAN from scratch. If you are running out of Images but have an idea that you or a client wants. Then go for; Painting and Drawing options from DragGAN. It also provides the following;

  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Themes

Here you can create a brand new image with your Idea and DragGAN’s capabilities.

And that’s a wrap to the characteristics of DragGAN!

Expert Tips for Image Editing with DragGAN

After detailed research, we have mentioned some of the essential tips and tricks that you must follow to acquire the best results while editing Images with DragGAN.

  • Make sure to use top quality Picture with high resolution
  • It has tons of Parameters; Explore them all to determine different options, settings, and potential of DragGAN.
  • DragGAN is going to be one of the leading Image Editing Tools. Ensure that you enjoy the process. Try to explore it as much as you can. It will help you create commendable Images that can leave your Audience and Clients completely Surprised.

Our Verdict!

Remember, DragGAN has not launched yet. However, it is still under development and will soon be available online. But the tech experts and research teams have released plenty of Authentic Research Papers that have announced above mentioned features, characteristics, and potential of DragGAN AI.

We really hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this Article.

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