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Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Same Prompts, Different Results

Google Bard, a conversational AI chatbot service, has recently expanded its capabilities by incorporating an image generation feature. Powered by a model named Imagen-2, this feature is designed to deliver high-quality, photorealistic outputs. As part of this article, we will conduct a comparative analysis of Google Bard’s image generator Imagen-2 against two other prominent AI art generators, Midjourney and DALL-E (Google Bard Imagen-2 vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6). We will use the same prompts for all three platforms to ensure a fair comparison. Let’s delve into the details!

Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E vs Midjourney: Basic Details

1. Google Bard (Imagen-2)

As discussed above, Google Bard now lets you create images just with help of Imagen-2. Just type in an idea, and Bard will generate custom visuals to bring it to life. Google wants users to report any legal issues with the generated media regarding data privacy, copyrights, and so on. They’ve limited mature content and added digital watermarks in the images for identification. Imagen-2 on Bard is simple, flexible, and open to all for creative exploration.

Image generated by Google Bard Using Imagen-2

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2. DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 is the third iteration of OpenAI’s generative AI visual art platform. It understands context better than previous versions to give you more accurate image results based on your text descriptions. One notable feature is its integration with ChatGPT, enabling users to generate prompts and guide DALL-E 3 more effectively. 

Image generated by DALL-E 3

Despite its advancements, DALL-E 3 still faces limitations, such as ignoring certain wordings in prompts and blocking the creation of a large amount of content, including images of public figures. It’s constantly improving with regular updates to enhance the user’s artistic capabilities.

3. Midjourney v6

Midjourney is a powerful AI art generator that allows users to create images from text prompts. Despite its complexity, which requires interaction via Discord, it offers advanced features. Midjourney is an incredibly powerful and state-of-the-art artistic tool which is loved by everybody. 

Image generated by Midjourney v6

Midjoruney v6 enables users to have a greater degree of control over the final output compared to other AI art generators and their predecessors. Midjourney is particularly recommended for those aiming to monetize their AI creations due to its model’s greater freedom. However, the full legal implications of using Midjourney for commercial purposes remain unclear. 

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Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Features Comparison

FeatureDALL-E 3Midjourney v6Google Bard (Imagen-2)
Mode of UseVery easy through ChatGPTMedium but get easier with timeVery easy and flexible
Image QualityLess life-like but captures intricate details and supports all art stylesKnown for producing more photorealistic and detailed images and supports all art stylesHigh-quality, photorealistic outputs as per Google but can be unrealistic, low-quality and less detailed sometimes when following the detailed prompts
Image Resolutions Size1024×1024 pixels (square format), 1792×1024 (landscape format), and 1024×1792 (portrait format)1024×1024 pixels (default format), can increase upto 2048 x 2048 or even 4096 x 4096 pixels. Plus, users can specify custom aspect ratios.1532×1532 pixels (for now)
Generation SpeedA bit slowerNormalFaster than both DALL-E 3 and Midjourney
AccessibilityChatGPT and Microsoft CopilotDiscordGoogle Bard itself. You won’t need to access it on any other platform.
CreativityUnderstands user intentAdjust creativity levelsAll depends upon prompting
Customization OptionsLimited customization optionsMore customization optionsNo customization options
Pricing$20 per monthStarts at $10 per monthAvailable for free as of now
Community SupportLarge user communitySmaller but dedicated communityCurrently no community support. Anyone can use it directly through Google Bard.
Comparison table comparing features of all three AI image generators

Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Image Comparison

1. Logo Design With Text Rendering 

Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Logo Design With Text Rendering

As you can see above, both DALL-E 3 and Midjourney handled the logo generation prompt effectively. They successfully rendered the text descriptions into visually appealing logo-like images. However, Google Bard did not meet the prompt’s requirement of creating a logo image. While it did a good job of rendering the text, instead of designing a standalone logo, it simply printed the text onto a t-shirt. So, in this comparison, Google Bard fell short compared to DALL-E 3 and Midjourney.

2. Photorealism

Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Photorealism

It is evident that Midjourney excelled at producing photorealistic images. Although DALL-E 3 followed the prompt, its output lacked realism and detail compared to real-life photos. On the other hand, Google Bard performed very poorly. The image was blurry, unrealistic, and significantly lower quality overall. Between Google Bard and DALL-E 3, the latter fared better. However, Midjourney was the clear winner in this comparison. Its ability to generate highly photorealistic imagery surpassed both DALL-E 3 and Google Bard, which both struggled to match the realism of actual photographs.

3. Advertising and Product Visualization

Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Advertising and Product Visualization

I guess all three image generators adhered closely to the prompt. Both DALL-E 3 and Google Bard Imagen-2 did an excellent job capturing the ornate gold detailing specified in the description. Midjourney also stuck well to the prompt with its own unique approach to visualizing the product mockup. So, there was no clear winner or loser here. Overall, it was a three-way tie here. Each model demonstrated its capabilities in this domain. Personally, the DALL-E 3 image appealed to me the most aesthetically. However, they were all high-quality outputs meeting the requirements of the product rendering prompt.

4. Food Illustration (Detailed Prompt)

Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Food illustration

The results above show that all three image generators did an amazing job illustrating food while adhering to detailed prompts. They all produced photorealistic images. However, DALL-E 3 and Google Bard missed visualizing some minor details described in the prompts, like a sprinkle of paprika and flakes of sea salt. Midjourney’s image included every single element mentioned in the prompt. While the other two models also stuck to the prompts and provided photorealism, they lacked some of the finer details. But for me, it’s still a tie between all.

5. Film Character

As you can see, both DALL-E 3 and Midjourney v6 followed the prompt well and generated the desired realistic results. Midjourney’s image was more photorealistic, but for me, it’s a tie between the two. Google Bard refused to generate an image for this prompt despite being asked multiple times.

Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Who sticks to copyright guidelines?

When prompted to create an image of Donald Trump, all three models refused to produce it, demonstrating their adherence to copyright guidelines. Google Bard and Midjourney did not even attempt to generate the image and displayed copyright guidelines. While DALL-E 3 did not create an image of Trump, it generated a generic image to avoid copyright issues. 

It’s worth noting that when Midjourney v6 initially launched, it had the ability to generate unauthorized copyrighted images. As for proof, I have attached an image of Donald Trump generated by Midjourney v6 before. However, due to more recent security updates, Midjourney now bans the generation of such images by displaying a “banned prompt detected” message, indicating its increased security measures to prevent copyright violations.

Google Bard (Imagen-2) vs DALL-E 3 vs Midjourney v6: Which One to Choose?

Choosing between Google Bard Imagen-2, DALL-E 3, and Midjourney v6 depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Google Bard Imagen-2 offers the fastest image generation among all and is accessible directly on Google Bard, making it convenient for users. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a free and user-friendly interface.

DALL-E 3 is recognized for its user-friendly interface. It excels in capturing intricate details and supports all art styles and various image sizes. However, it requires access through various platforms, including ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.

Midjourney v6 is known for its precision and the ability to tweak and adjust parameters to get the exact results desired. Midjourney v6 offers a more straightforward and comfortable process of creating art. It is best to produce photorealistic images.

All platforms have censorship guidelines in place to ensure that the generated art is appropriate, with DALL-E 3 having stricter rules. So, in conclusion, the choice between Google Bard, DALL-E 3, and Midjourney v6 depends largely on your specific needs and preferences. As for my personal preference, Midjourney v6 is the best fit for me. Which one wins for you? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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