Digital Product Studio

Improvement & Support

Markets and user needs never cease to change, so why should your digital product stay static once it’s deployed? Once a web app or digital platform has been designed and developed, it’s important to consider your plan for fully rolling it out, and how you’ll approach improving and supporting the product going forward.


We offer first and second line support services which can cover everything from user queries such as how to upload assets, all the way through to disaster recovery. Any form of support services will include access to our direct zoom call service where your account manager or technical contact will be available, whatever the query.

Our support services are also able to monitor the technical aspects of your product twenty-four hours a day, flagging up and quickly adapting to anomalies, such as demand spikes or unexpected downtime, giving you peace of mind.

We believe that web app development isn’t a one-and-done type of partnership. Following the launch of your product, we work together to develop a technology roadmap that considers user feedback and prioritize additional features.

Design Updates

Due to the client-oriented approach, our company keeps an eye on your product design after the final release and helps you scale it once the total number of end-users starts growing.

Bugs Fixing

At DigiAlps, we care deeply about our customers and the solutions we develop, so we provide continuous maintenance and support to our clients, as well as assign a dedicated developer to a project to fix any possible bugs and respond to inquiries.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the development cycle and even after complete development, we provide QA and all sorts of testing of a product and its separate features to ensure its stability and efficiency along with proactivity in risk prediction, identification, and prevention.