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Microsoft Announces the “Next Wave of AI Innovation” with Bing and Edge

According to a recent update, Microsoft has announced the Next Wave of AI Innovation. Yet this would be a mega advancement towards Edge and Bing. Microsoft has planned to upgrade the maximum current features of Bing and has also made it available as an “Open Preview”.

However, there are a number of more exciting details and capabilities that will leave their audience in complete delight feeling. If you want to learn about Microsoft’s AI Chatbot, then visit this Link, where we have previously written a complete analysis of AI-Powered “Bing”.

Apart from this, in the following, we have mentioned how Microsoft will unlock the power of AI to revolutionize your Search Experience. So, without any further delay, let’s get into it!

Microsoft Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Advancements: Empowering Bing and Edge for the Future

Since Microsoft made this huge announcement, users have been desperate to learn and experience new capabilities of this particular platform. This decision of the company is going to transform the user experience entirely. Because, they have increased the inventiveness and potential of your Copilot for the Web.

Microsoft Announces the Next Wave of AI Innovation with Bing and Edge

Plus, the company has merged both Bing and Edge through one resource. Now, you only have to;

And you’ll be granted access to both Edge and Bing. So convenient, right!

Microsoft is Unlocking the Power of AI: To Revolutionize your Search Experience

The category “Search” has not got that potential ever, the way Microsoft is going to transform it. Surprisingly the new Microsft AI Innovation will include the following;

  • Advancing from only “Text Search” to “Visuals Search”. However, it will launch some more Multimodal Support along with videos and pictures.
  • Advancing from “Single Use Search” to “Multi Session Search”. And similarly, it goes to chat sessions as well.
  • It has advanced Bing from Limited Preview to Open Preview.
  • Plus, Microsoft has opened up its Capabilities. So that any user, either Developer or a Generic User, will be able to build on top of the AI-Powered Bing. For the sake of helping other users take action on their tasks and queries.

Experience the Power of Bing: Open Preview Now Available

After acknowledging the earlier reviews and user feedback, Microsoft announced that they are moving towards the next step. And they started their move by transforming Bing into an Open Preview.

Microsoft made Open Preview available and further added that there wouldn’t be a waitlist. This shows reliable and easy usage. Moreover, they have also introduced Bing Image Creator to the current version of Bing.

So, along with text generation, it will be able to generate graphics. Also, Microsoft has solid plans to make this Model a super hit cause they have expanded their project to 100 Languages.

Revamped and Enhanced Edge Design

Microsoft has upgraded the User Interface of Edge. Now, it’s more Sleek and Elegant with;

  • Organized Containers
  • Streamlined Look
  • Soft and Round Edges
  • Translucent Design Elements

Microsoft has Proved its Vision for Visual Search Evolution

Visual Data or Results are more eye-catching and appealing and have a high chance of staying in the memory of human beings as compared to text. And there is research that says a human brain processes Graphics or Visual Data 60,000 times faster than any written/text information.

Since the release of Microsoft Bing, it has been mostly popular for its visual experiences and primarily the “Visual Search” option. However, now again, Microsoft has come up with more powerful and richer visual responses that will also include;

  • Graphs
  • Latest Formatting
  • Charts

For now, it will be the only AI Chatbot available to create text-based and graphical content. Plus, they have expanded their Model to 100 languages, which means you can  have a conversation with it in any particular language you want, such as;

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Arabic

And so on!

Moreover, once this AI Chat will roll out, you’ll also be able to upload Images and ask for any response, such as Storytelling or the Concept behind any photo, or you can acquire the location if there is any, in that uploaded photo.

Enhancing Productivity and Interactive Sharing/Exploring Features

In most AI Chatbots, the model doesn’t maintain the relatability of the context when we repeatedly use the same type of query yet with the difference of time. And it feels so irritating.

However, Microsoft has come with a feature where you’ll be able to save your previous Chat History with separate headings. Moreover, it will provide you with an enhanced personalized experience. Where the Chat will be able to bring context from earlier chats.

Additionally, they will roll out;

The export will help you to send your essential chats to whoever you want to share with on any Social Media Platform. Whereas via Summarization, you can make your long-form content concise and easier to examine. Such as your Work Doc files or Academic Documents that are way too long to read thoroughly to even generate basic points.

Microsoft’s Remarkable 2023 Figures; Key Insights and Must-Know Data

Here are some of the quick Key Insights of Microsoft that you must know in 2023!

Remarkable 2023 figures of Microsoft
  • According to the Global Analysis for Fortune Companies. Almost 85% of those companies use Microsoft Azure and are highly dependent on it.
  • The current Market Value of Microsoft is over $2.4 Trillion.
  • The Active users of Windows 10 are 1.6 Billion, and 0.256 Billion users are of Windows 11. And since the last decade, Microsoft has crossed the bar year after year with new exceptional records.
  • Microsoft Edge varies more than 160 Million users.
  • During the Covid-19, Microsoft Office 365 has increased by 21% in its users. Well, in 2020, and since after that, it has never dropped again. In 2022 the company generated 63 Billion in revenue with Microsoft Office 365. However, the situation is similar in 2023 as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our FAQs to clear up any confusion, and feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Does Microsoft Bing use AI?

Of course, Microsoft Bing is an AI-powered Search Engine. It was released around 3 months back and is giving great competition to Google’s Bard and other AI Chatbots.

What is the Bing concept?

So basically, the concept of Bing relies on a web search engine. It is designed in a way to provide several amounts of Search Services, such as;

  • Video/Images
  • Web
  • Map Search Products

What is Elon Musk’s AI called?

Well, Elon Musk hasn’t released any of his AI-based products. Yet, in a recent interview, he admitted that he and his team are working on creating an AI Chatbot that will bring lots of opportunities and exceptional commands. However, he has named it as “TruthGPT.”

Our Verdict!

It’s become a lot usual to learn about new AI Models every other day. The world has become so much more advanced and still has the thirst to absorb more technology and to get beyond day by day from human imagination.

Whereas, from this number of AI models, it’s hard to recognize which Model or Chatbot is actually worth using. For the New Innovation by Microsoft that we have discussed above is going to have an advanced level of properties and quality. That will really help millions of people out there in terms of Education, Business, and much more.

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