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NVIDIA Grace Hopper Ignites New Era of AI Supercomputing Deliver 200 Exaflops For AI Compute

A revolution is brewing in the world of scientific research, and it’s powered by AI. Nine new supercomputers across the globe are now using NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchips. These systems promise to revolutionize scientific research and discovery with a combined processing power of 200 exaflops. This is equivalent to 200 quintillion calculations per second, all while being energy efficient.

NVIDIA Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper Supercomputers Worldwide

The new supercomputers include:

  • EXA1-HE in France
  • Helios in Poland
  • Alps in Switzerland
  • JUPITER in Germany
  • DeltaAI in the USA
  • Miyabi in Japan

These machines, powered by NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper Superchips, are set to accelerate research in various fields.

A Breakthrough in Scientific Research

The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and Eviden have launched the EXA1-HE supercomputer. Using BullSequana XH3000 technology, it features a new warm-water cooling system and 477 compute nodes based on Grace Hopper.

Ian Buck, Vice President of Hyperscale and HPC at NVIDIA, emphasized the transformative power of AI. “AI is accelerating research into climate change, speeding drug discovery, and leading to breakthroughs in dozens of other fields,” he said. The energy efficiency of NVIDIA Grace Hopper-powered systems makes them a crucial part of this transformation.

Sovereign AI: A Strategic Move

Countries worldwide are investing in AI-based supercomputers, recognizing the importance of sovereign AI. This involves creating and maintaining domestically owned and operated data, infrastructure, and workforces. By doing so, nations aim to foster innovation and maintain control over their technological advancements.

Isambard-AI: A UK Milestone

The UK’s University of Bristol is home to Isambard-AI, which comprises an HPE Cray EX2500 supercomputer with 168 NVIDIA GH200 Superchips. When the remaining 5,280 Superchips arrive, performance will increase by about 32 times.

Simon McIntosh-Smith, a professor at the University of Bristol, stated, “Isambard-AI positions the UK as a global leader in AI. It will help foster open science innovation both domestically and internationally. Working with NVIDIA, we delivered phase one of the project in record time, and when completed this summer, will see a massive jump in performance.”

Accelerating Discovery Across the Globe

NVIDIA’s platform includes NVIDIA Hopper architecture-based GPUs, Grace CPU Superchips, Grace Hopper Superchips, NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking, and a suite of AI and HPC software. This comprehensive platform is driving a new era of scientific discovery.

The integration of these technologies means supercomputing centers can go from system installation to real science in months, rather than years. This acceleration is critical for advancing research in climate science, drug discovery, data analytics, and many other areas.


The introduction of NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchips marks a significant advancement in supercomputing. With their incredible processing power and energy efficiency, these new systems are set to accelerate scientific discovery and transform industries worldwide. As nations invest in sovereign AI, we can expect even greater innovations in the years to come

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