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NYC’s Government Chatbot Is Giving Dangerous Advice To City Businesses

For the past several months, if you are one of the audiences who has experienced GenAI tools, chatbots, and following the AI news. Then, you must know how these AI chatbots often provide false information. Mostly, because these softwares are trained till a particular date or a year, which limits the level of information. But here the case is that NYC’s Government Chatbot was Exposed for Spreading Misinformation. NYC’s AI Chatbot is currently under hot water for providing incorrect data regarding “Laws” and policies. Which has caused serious issues in the United States.

NYC’s AI Chatbot – MyCity

Alright, the government launched NYC’s AI Chatbot, aka MyCity, in October 2023. The primary aim behind designing this chatbot was to assist New York residents professionally. In terms of running and managing businesses. By its launch, the founders mentioned that it would be a go-to business AI assistant with actionable data and information. But it seems like the situation has slightly twisted around.

NYC’s Government Chatbot Spreading Misinformation
NYC’s Government Chatbot Spreading Misinformation

NYC’s Government Chatbot Exposed for Spreading Misinformation – Report Says

A recent report by “The Markup” has written that NYC’s Government Chatbot has been found to be Spreading Misinformation regarding the official policies of the city. It isn’t a mishap or a generic act by the AI bot but a serious matter that can disturb the entire organization.

The recent report states that NYC’s AI Chatbot said, “NYC buildings are not required to accept Section 8 vouchers”. But in reality, the government has clearly mentioned that “Section 8 housing subsidies are one of many lawful sources of income that landlords are required to accept without discrimination”.

Moreover, this chatbot has continued to deliver dangerously false information about dealing with “workplace whistleblowers”. Including wages per hour, rent of apartments, and dealing with the staff. Which has raised the concerns of the audience and caretakers of the city.

NYC’s AI Chatbot - MyCity
NYC’s AI Chatbot – MyCity

Is NYC’s AI Chatbot in Beta Status?

Yes, NYC’s Government Chatbot is in beta status. But Leslie Brown has mentioned that it has already provided thousands of users with accurate responses on time, despite being questioned about controversial questions. On the other hand, the government also stated that it is in the beta phase, which is why you cannot solely rely on MyCity for professional guidance or information.

How Does NYC’s Government Chatbot Continue Spreading Misinformation Regarding Law?

Following by NYC’s Government Chatbot for Spreading Misinformation. A recent post on X stated that it had been found to provide extremely misleading data. When questioned about the tax and law rules of the United States of America. This has shocked thousands of users and forced most big-named companies to step back from using LLMs or GenAI for running their businesses. This is why the regulator FTC of America is in contact with the founders of MyCity for the sake of accountability.

Andrew Rigie on NYC’s Government Chatbot Spreading Misinformation

Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, told The Markup that “he had encountered inaccuracies from the bot himself and had received reports of the same from at least one local business owner. But NYC Office of Technology and Innovation Spokesperson Leslie Brown told The Markup that the bot “has already provided thousands of people with timely, accurate answers” and that “we will continue to focus on upgrading this tool so that we can better support small businesses across the city.”

NYC’s Government Chatbot Spreading Misinformation
NYC’s Government Chatbot Spreading Misinformation

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