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OpenAI is Reportedly Developing ‘Super-smart ChatGPT’ that can Control Devices

During times when AI has exceeded the boundaries of futurism, OpenAI, one of the leading AI startups, is planning to launch another software; “Super-smart ChatGPT,” that will help you to Control Devices and automate tasks that could be normally time-taking for humans.

Super-smart ChatGPT by OpenAI to Control Devices and Task Automation

ChatGPT-makers are super thrilled to revolutionize their conversational AI bot; ChatGPT, into a Super-smart AI Assistant. Recently, Cointelegraph has revealed that OpenAI is working on an autonomous AI system comprised of several functionalities. Primarily to take control of the user’s device in order to perform the tasks (required tasks only).

Furthermore, when Cointelegraph tried to acquire more details, the OpenAI didn’t respond neither did any clarification. But as per the resources, they haven’t even denied the news, so that seems major launches to take place in the market really soon.

AI Agents to Control Devices

Well, the Gemini by Google or ChatGPT series is created to provide data in humanly manner. Be it text, reasoning, images, audio, or any media file. However, to transform these GenAI models to be eligible enough to deal with real-world tasks, they must be incorporated with external applications.

The developers at OpenAI must put them together with external applications so they can translate what the AI is expressing into something appropriate that would be easily understandable by devices or computers.

Saying Goodbye to User Interface with Super-smart ChatGPT

Reportedly, Super-smart ChatGPT will assist in performing numerous interesting tasks that a human would do physically, such as;

Web-Browsing for a Broad Range of Users

Initially, OpenAI launched a web browser feature but for limited users. However this time, the makers are planning to expand its GPT functionalities and to incorporate this feature to a wide range of users. This will lead you to have more authentic information, and your bot will start responding to you with upgraded information.

Security Concerns

It’s high time that we start worrying about the ethical use of AI. As more AI is integrated into our regular tasks, and now even into our devices. That could be scary if the security of our data isn’t assured.

For now, OpenAI hasn’t released any statement, but the users are highly concerned about their privacy equally as they are excited about enhanced productivity and workflows. So, let’s see how OpenAI tackles this situation!

Security Concerns for Super-smart ChatGPT by OpenAI, (To Control Devices and Automate Tasks)
Security Concerns for Super-smart ChatGPT by OpenAI (To Control Devices and Automate Tasks)


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