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OpenAI to Challenge Google and Perplexity with AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT

So, a new rivalry is expected “OpenAI to Challenge Google and Perplexity”. On the other hand, OpenAI is planning to launch an AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT. It will be a strong competition against multiple AI search startups along with Google. However, Preprelixity is expected to face potential disruption because of the authorities and capabilities of OpenAI.

In the following blog post, we will check out details regarding the OpenAI Challenge to Google. What could be the potential functionalities of the AI feature for ChatGPT?

AI-Powered Search Feature

If artificial intelligence gets successfully integrated into the search engine landscape. Then, it will definitely undergo a revolutionary change in the search area. Whereas before OpenAI Planned to Challenge Google, Perplexity was already on the path to integrating AI into search engines. For more valuable and accurate results.

Moreover, as we currently exist in the AI era. It’s super essential to incorporate AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT. The majority of the users already rely on AI chatbots such as Gemini, ChatGPT series, and Bing.

OpenAI to Challenge Google and Perplexity
OpenAI to Challenge Google and Perplexity

OpenAI to Challenge Google and Perplexity

Well, the recent decision by OpenAI is an open Challenge to Google’s Dominance. No matter how strong OpenAI has become in the past 2 years. Google has its own reign and an irreplaceable era of over two decades. However, the AI search functionality for ChatGPT is expected to harm the existence of Google search engines. As now ChatGPT is now going to offer more enriched responses with authentic citations, resource links and a lot more. Whereas it is going to be similar to Perplexity.

AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT

Well, ChatGPT won’t be dealing with you as Google used to. Whereas the AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT is more likely to respond to you beyond casual text-based responses. There is a high probability it is going to offer you answers in the form of diagrams, videos, images, or a graphical presentation according to the tendency of the query.

Further, the graphical or visual representation and text-based answers will improve the user experience. And will ensure that it delivers the best understandable responses to the users. As the comprehensive guide will lead to better adaption and understanding of the query.

AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT
AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT

Competition Heats up “OpenAI to Challenge Google”

Along with the Google, OpenAI to Challenge Perplexity. As Perplexity was working on its search feature projects for a significant time. They have shown citations and reliable, accurate response rates and have lately built a confident community due to their promising results. Whereas Perplexity has also achieved the biggest milestone by hitting a billion-dollar valuation.

How will the OpenAI AI Search Feature Impact the Future?

Well, OpenAI has promised to offer you responses in both text and visual format. This would increase the learning margin and make it easy to understand the context in a more informative and valuable way. So surely it’s a win-win for the audience but a strong threat against Google.

Conclusion – AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT

As OpenAI to Challenge Google and Perplexity. It could be a potential setup by the AI mastermind OpenAI into the market of search engines. However, the AI-Powered Search Feature for ChatGPT is actively under development and will soon be accessible with promising features.


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