Digital Product Studio

Our Process

We use a simple, effective four-step process that runs through every project, making sure that your project and investment is a success, and that we create experiences that people love.


You wouldn’t construct a house without architectural plans, so why build a website without knowing what you’re trying to achieve?

This is a discovery phase provides the foundation for your project and is, in our experience, the single biggest success factor for any digital product.

Your discovery process (sometimes called a research phase) will be tailor-made to your particular project and will generate the data we need to report on and establish the criteria for the success of your app or website.

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Before anything, we take the time to get to know you, your market, your business and your user’s. We then centre your new web design around you, finding a look and feel to communicate the right messages to your target users.

Your new website will be as unique as you are, and, that is tailored to your businesses requirements. We will ensure your web design is created with your user in mind. To do this we find out as much as we can about your users

We will build your site so that it works on mobile, tablet, and desktop, no matter the browser.


One of our key principles is that our digital design and development team collaboratively review progress with clients, typically on a fortnightly basis.

We won’t go down rabbit holes building something wrong and having to go back. It makes us confident to say that your investment will go noticed.

Working in this way means that we release smaller sets of features regularly, which we continually test, meaning we find and fix bugs early, rather than en masse at the end of a project.


It’s at this stage – once the product is in the hands of end-users, using all the website’s features in a real-world context – that we get an understanding of the direction in which the product could develop and improve further.

This new user data will allow us to further refine and prioritise any remaining feature requests, developing a plan to continually develop and improve the product, based on user feedback and usage data.

It’s vital to monitor users closely in a soft launch, where we help you to put methods in place to gain as much feedback as you can.