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AI Imposters in Politics? The Bizarre Case That Fooled Voters

AI Imposters in Politics The Bizarre Case That Fooled Voters (Image made with DALL·E 3)

In a world where technology constantly pushes boundaries, a recent incident in UK politics has left many scratching their heads. Is artificial intelligence now capable of creating fake political candidates? Let’s dive into this strange tale and its implications for democracy. The Curious Case of Mark Matlock Mark Matlock, a Reform UK party candidate, found […]

Europe Leads the Way with World’s First Comprehensive AI Regulatory Framework

Europe Leads the Way with World's First Comprehensive AI Regulatory Framework

The European Parliament recently made headlines by approving a landmark piece of legislation. This legislation was aimed at regulating artificial intelligence (AI) – the AI Act. After nearly three years of deliberation since its initial proposal, the act was passed with an overwhelming majority. This development marks a significant step towards establishing a regulatory framework […]

Terminator In Gaza: Israel Deploying “Killer Robots” In The Isreal-Hamas Conflict

Terminator In Gaza Israel Deploying Killer Robots In The Isreal-Hamas Conflict

The evolving landscape of warfare, marked by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies, presents profound ethical challenges. This particularly include the development and potential deployment of autonomous weapons systems. A recent report by Public Citizen has highlighted these concerns, emphasizing the lack of comprehensive policies to prevent the implementation of so-called “killer […]