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The “New” DALL-E Model – Has OpenAI Released a New Image Model?

The “New” DALL-E Model – Has OpenAI Released a New Image Model?

The “New” DALL-E Model – Has OpenAI Released a New Image Model?

So, the community is super excited to witness the mesmerizing visuals of ChatGPT. A few hours before, thousands of users appeared on online forums such as Reddit to write about the suspected “New” DALL-E Model. The users are pretty sure that OpenAI has secretly released a new image model.

Overview of DALL-E

DALL-E is one of the most powerful AI image generators. Its potential and immense features have left the audience in shock and made them addicted to this tool. Now, all of a sudden, ChatGPT integrated with DALL-E is generating more realistic outcomes. The users are stunned by photorealism and quote that OpenAI has secretly released a new image model, which has the potential to surpass the majority of the existing AI image generators.

The “New” DALL-E Model

The Buzz around ChatGPT’s Enhanced Visuals – “New” DALL-E Model

The tech world is all about constant excitement, powerful tools, significant jumps toward advancements, and whatnot. The AI community is whispering and has instantly sensed the revolutionary shift in OpenAI’s ChatGPT image generation capabilities. They are comparing the results with the current and previous results and are inquiring the authorities to clear the buzz. As if this is a secret move by the company that they will be expected to announce soon. Or is it just a testing phase that can disappear possibly anytime in the future?

Has OpenAI Actually Released a New Image Model?

Further, the audience is experimenting by applying strategic prompts. Instead of being “nice” with the tool, they are crazily increasing its complexity to see its actual potential. Surprisingly, the results are mesmerizing, which has raised concerns about whether OpenAI has Released a New Image Model.

Perhaps if you opt for typical prompt phrases or words such as “Photorealistic,” “Hyperrealistic,” or “Lifelike,” then there is a high possibility that you will get standard results. As one user reported, “She got worse results by using the lifelike or photorealistic terms in her prompt.” Here is her result, which seems quite similar to the previous outcomes of DALL-E.

Has OpenAI Actually Released a New Image Model?

On the other hand, OpenAI hasn’t released any official statement regarding The “New” DALL-E Model. This situation leads us to the following possibilities;

Hidden Upgrade of OpenAI Image Model

Maybe OpenAI plans to integrate the “New” DALL-E Model into OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Which is obviously declared as a gradual rollout instead of an official announcement. Or it could be a marketing technique.

Improvised Training

On the other hand, OpenAI might announce in a few hours that it has generally improved the existing model to offer higher-quality AI images for its users.

The “New” DALL-E Model

As there is no word from the officials, this missing information has heated the debate and the users’ views.

Impact of GPT-4 Model

Firstly, it could be the impact of enhancing the GPT-4 model. The ChatGPT may now deliver hyper-realistic results because of the deeper understanding and better training of the model.

A/B Testing

It is possible that OpenAI will gradually roll out its AI image generation tool. But via A/B testing, it could be possible that they are just releasing a teaser of the “New” DALL-E Model to see the audience’s reaction. The resources also slightly confirm that it is exposed to a particular number of users. This might increase curiosity or make users think and consciously compare the results, which can raise the demand for the “New” DALL-E Model.

The “New” DALL-E Model

Wrapping up – “Has OpenAI Released a New Image Model”

The truth is unknown, but the results are undeniable. Hopefully, the officials will address the audience soon. Till then enjoy the tool and opt for “clever prompt techniques”

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