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Vision Air Apple’s Cheap Alternative To Vision Pro

Apple is secretly working on Apple Vision Air, a budget-friendly AR Headset. It is going to be an economical version of Apple Vision Pro. So, if you were one of those who were extremely disappointed due to the high price range of the current AR Headset. Then don’t worry anymore. The Company has got your back and will soon come up with another gadget to keep the spark alive at affordable prices.

Economical AR Headset: 'Apple Vision Air'
Economical AR Headset: ‘Apple Vision Air’ Cheap Alternative To Vision Pro

Today, in the following article, we will be dropping all the secret details regarding the upcoming release of Apple. So, get ready to dive in!

Apple is Working on an Economical AR Headset

For all the religious iOS users, it was quite hurtful for a certain number of people who were unable to get their hands on Vision Pro. Obviously, due to the high price tag of “3500 USD”. Yet, undoubtedly, it has amazed the entire world with its mindblowing functionalities, majorly 3D FaceTime Cors.

‘Apple Vision Air’ Economical AR Headset, alternative of Apple Vision Pro
Economical Apple’s AR Headset – Vision Air

However, Vision Air is rumored to be the second version of Apple Vision Pro but at an affordable price. Reportedly, some of the features will be removed in order to cut down the price along with lower resolution.

Perhaps the upcoming AR Headset will feel lighter to wear, with extended OS experience.

What is the Expected Price of Apple Vision Air?

There will be surely some potential changes in this AR Headset, but it is expected to be priced at approximately $1000 to $1899.

The primary vision of the official is to introduce this Headset to as many users as they possibly can. But the drawback is that we cannot expect “Eyesight Tracking” or “M Series Chip” here.

When is Apple Planning to Release Vision Air?

Apple hasn’t released any official statement, but probably they will be dropping this gadget during WWDC in 2025.

So let’s look forward to the event.

When is Apple Planning to Release Vision Air?
When is Apple Planning to Release Vision Air?

Is Apple Compromising Quality for Affordability?

No doubt, certain compromises are planned to be made in the product, but the company is thoughtfully doing it to reduce the price range. The display refresh rates will decrease, including design quality and resolution, but still, it will be promising enough to maintain the essence of an appealing AR Headset.


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